Professional Experience (10+ yrs)

GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE, USA                                          01 / 2017 – Present

Senior Software Engineer

Job Accomplishments:
● Optimized P&C (policy and claims) insurance system performance by over 40% through Guidewire integration utilizing Java, Guidewire Gosu, and RESTful APIs for #1 Texas mutual farm insurance company.
● Re-engineered insurance claims and policy system front end, migrating platform from Java and JavaScript to Guidewire Policy Center, minimizing codebase and improving maintainability by more than 90%.
● Transitioned legacy invoicing and payments system to fully automated Guidewire Billing Center, reorganizing backend architecture to condense business operations by 2X.

INFOSYS AMERICAS, USA                                                08 / 2016 – 12 / 2016

Senior Software Engineer – Application Lead

Job Accomplishments:
● Enhanced application performance by more than 20% through tuning OracleDB database while improving system fault tolerance by over 90%.
● Single point of contact for mission critical platform, solving major file processing delay issue by implementing fault tolerance mechanism using Java, JavaScript and Node.js.
● Improved user signups and retention by > 15% by developing a data insight tool using JavaScript and Node.js.
● Processed XML and JSON big data using ETL and Hadoop with Java, with data visualizations using D3.js.


CROWDZ (Formerly AIMARKET Inc), USA                  06 / 2015 – 08 / 2015

Software Engineer

This innovative startup company is into crowdsourcing and mobile e-commerce. I designed and developed the primary front end customer facing interface of its mobile app and supporting website.
Job Accomplishments:
● Developed primary customer facing UI for e-commerce mobile app, increasing new user signups by over 100%.
● Reduced development time by > 50% using cross platform mobile development with Phonegap and Cordova.

SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, USA                             05 / 2014 – 12 / 2015
Software Engineer – Graduate Student Assistant

● Created and re-engineered websites systems for San Jose State University using HTML5, CSS3 and Canvas API.
● Increased user signups by 5% by helping students and lecturers integrate “Canvas” online learning system.

UNITED UTILITIES, UK – Vertex Ltd                            11 / 2012 – 11 / 2013
Senior Software Engineer

Debt Management Application
This enterprise application is used to keep track of customers, service usage, billing info. I was the sole resource and was based in United Kingdom to work closely with direct client.
Job Accomplishments:
● Managed both onshore and onshore teams, improved system performance by 30% using Java and OracleDB.
● Earned highest customer satisfaction rating for all software solutions delivered, excelling in rapid application development (RAD) and management of all technical issues.

AT&T, USA – Tech Mahindra                                            01 / 2010 – 11 / 2012
Software Engineer

● Improved system performance by 10X through architecting “Parmfile,” a client billing system, upgrading platform to Java and OracleDB from legacy PowerBuilder and Mainframe, achieving promotion 200% faster.
● Engineered dynamic defect tracking tool with extended search and report generation functionalities with VBA